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It is very hard to believe that a girl can have a child at age of 14 or 15, but it's true. Teens Pregnancy is one of the major problems of recent times. According to a survey, 52% teen girls get pregnant in her teenage. They become parent of baby at age where they are physically or mentally prepared for that. Being a teen parent, they cannot perform all the responsibility of a parent. This just not affected the life of baby but their lives also. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is devoted to stop unmarried teen pregnancies, provide help for pregnent teen and to support teenagers to remain abstinent.
President and Secretary are also dedicated to sponsor abstinence education programs and distribution of information on talented approaches. HHS programs are based on the trust that the most useful programs are community-driven and hold the participation of parents and other adults in teenager's lives. About 47% programs are run directly to avoid teen pregnancy nearly 2,234 communities across the country. A lot of organizations offer important learning and other related programs to help pregnent teen and prevent teen pregnancy and disease.
A large series of Health and Human Services programs through status block grants, as well as those that offers help for pregnent teens with health and social services to adolescents that further pregnancy prevention goals.The main advice to teens is to avoid having sex or use full protections. Even when you get pregnant than first you have to contact to your parents and doctors also. There are so many resources available in the market to test you at home. If the test is positive then go to the doctor and get right treatment.

Due to all these efforts the rate of Teens Pregnancy is decreased by last two years, till now we haven't reach to our aim. Parents are advised to talk to their children about his/her life, about sex and sexual values nonverbally. In this way we help to our child to know about all the things.

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