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Rebellious teens are youth that don't think about their family members and have no honour for their parents. They don't think regarding what their friend circle and social will say about their rebel activities. Rebellious teens are a label that has been roughly for many generations. This is a misnomer. Rebellion mean a complete turning against the whole thing they have been educated. This just isn't the case in most case. They are trying to find ways to reach the autonomy that comes with maturity. This is where the confusion comes into play. Legally, they are still children, they have yet to test

the waters of real life; rent, food, car upkeep, work, and independence. It is natural for them to want to get on with that gain freedom

1. Teens are having difficulties between childhood and adulthood and cannot handle the change in them very well, and when someone is depressed, they tend to lash out to make everyone around them depressed also.

2. Teens are subconsciously trying their confines. They recognize they can hit the limits when the parent reacts, and yet they will still continue testing the limits in anticipation they are certain where the limits are and the parent is dependable with them.

3. Teens are often self centered and egotistic. Teens basically want the privileges of an adult with the behavior of a child.

4. Teens get a kick out of making others around them miserable. Teens enjoy their new-found sense of power, but cannot yet use it wisely.

The following signs tell the teens are rebellious or not.
· Their Low self-respect
· theirs misunderstanding
· Manipulative manners
· their trial with drugs and alcohol
· their out of control irritation
· their sadness or depression
· their inconsistency

If we observe any adolescent and find these symptoms then we can say that he would be insolently rebellious. Often these types teens be aggressive and draw weapons rapidly. We should tell them about loss of these type actions. Parents should be in touch with teens because the communication is always one of the home remedies that can help in dealing with your rebellious teens. It is a hard time for parents when the children are to be rebellious. But, according to a teenager medicine specialist, parents who are thoughtful of changes that guide their teenager development physical, emotional and behavioral will be better equipped to grasp the rebellion.

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