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Now a day's media playing such a significant role in the lives of today's adolescence, it s no doubt that a lot of messages about adolescent sexuality come openly from the media they use. It has leaded us a place where teen sex has become a normal thing. Primetime television, once measured “family hour,” is now an objective for sex-toned idea in both action and allusion. In a recent study we found that more than half of all television program, excluding news, sporting events, and children's programming, contained sexual content, incorporating an average of more than three scenes per hour. Less than 10% of the programs with sexuality topic integrated any situation to the consequences of sexual action. And in Another survey we found that adolescence consider the

media have some pressure over their sexual decisions. The survey found that three out of four 13-18 years old (72%) indicated that sexual at ease on TV influences the behavior of their peers near about (43%) or "a lot" (35%). As we are living in a comparatively sex-negative culture, where sexuality is habitually used as a commodity and downgrade to either a dirty joke or a serious crime, we lean towards hysteria while it comes to discussion about teen sex, and over react before listening the whole story.

There are many problem while studying teen sexual activities, including the lack of image given the need for parental permission to participate in studies, as well as the require of known uniformity and validity of the adolescence responses themselves. It is very likely that teen's response is unfair in one way or another and the unfairness may have changed over time. For example, fifteen years ago, an adolescent may have reduced the definite number of sexual partners they had, but today, they may amplify that number. Even the category of “adolescent” is problematical, as it includes everyone from aged 13-19. This is in no way a homogenous group, and studying them as if they were can result in challenging data

Teen Sexuality is a critical problem for parents. It may include the following:

Gender - nearly all adolescence will form a gender character. This is best expressed as how teens experience about themselves, meaning whether teens feel more masculine or feminine, sensitive or insensitive. Gender identity may be diverse, very sturdily one way or the other.

Anatomy - This is a very straightforward concept. Basically, we are all anatomically either male with a penis and testicles or female with a vagina and ovaries. Anatomy is mainly responsible for ones gender identity, occasionally influenced by hormones.

Sexual Orientation - adolescents just like adults will have very influential affinity and emotional attractions toward others. For many this point of reference is heterosexual, meaning boys are attracted to girls and vice versa. On the other hand, you may find that your adolescent is attracted to the same sex or homo sexes. This may be temporary or permanent and may depend on a number of factors including anatomy, gender identity, culture and biological factors .

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