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Adolescent is the moment which comes in every child's life and cause of maturity of every kid. At this particular time period the teen is in development stage. His/her body and brain both develops in this time period. In this period his/her command of imagine develops. He/she starts to under stand normal things like relations, faith, sex and loveThis is that stage of life in which manners of youth is changed. At this particular age the teenager come under the grid of depression, which cause tension of the parent's as well.

Due to depression behaviors of some youth are somewhat changed but the behaviors of some teens are significantly changed.

Many teens start to argue with their parents and faces ego problem. Depression is general in kids and teenagers. Still, adolescent people may not be willing to express their emotions to a mature one, or may not know how to do so. In addition, it may be complex to distinguish symptoms of depression from some accepted teenager manners. Because of this, it is important to watch for signs that a child or adolescent may be depressed. Depression steps in the life of youth because of increase in responsibility and heavy work load at school & collage as well as in home also .In a very short period of time they had to complete there subjects studying at school & collage. To complete all the subjects at a time is a challenging job. After attaining there school, they fallow the routs of coaching institute's. Which make them very tired mentally as well as physically? Due to this tiredness they not suppose to give time to their studies, which causes depression. And as a result they have to face many problems.

Parents has more expectation from there child, because they are paying a thick amount as fees in highly repotted school's and institute's. Which children some times fale to fulfill the demands of there parents as good result, top ranking, recruitment in a high profile company, and many other reasons causes child depression, and due to this child take wrong decision which some times harmful for both child and parents.

In that stage of depression a person has no sense of taking right decision; in this stage brain is not working properly. So when parents found that there child involves in doing activities which is not understandable, ask about the problem from your kid and try to solve it in between the family, entertain your kid timely , help them in there studies, give time to your child, talk about there daily routines, know what your child's favorite things and what they dislike. Express your love to your child.

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