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A teenager that uses drugs every day, without caring of their health harms are known as drug addicts. Some of the teenagers use drugs to treat disease and disorder and some of them take it to increase their working capacity. It is their overwhelming that while taking drugs they can better concentrate towards the work. Those teenagers are dependent on drugs but not addicted. Addiction is characterized by the repeated use of substances or behaviors despite clear evidence of morbidity secondary to such use. If the teen have a drug addiction they try to find and use it, whether legally or illegally.
They want to use the drug again and again. When they don't find the drug to use, they feel an unpleasant physical reaction. The drug addiction takes place through the perception of the high-profile nature of the use of drugs by the users. The usage of drugs makes the talent to decrease. There should be some helpful perspective and advice for those teenagers who are struggling with the situation of drug addiction, or those who simply wish to know more about it. Signs and symptoms of drug abuse:

•  Fails in attempt to stop using the drug.

•  Feels the need of drug regularly.

•  Make a perception that drug is needed to deal with problem.

•  Making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug.

•  Use some of convict like process to obtain the drugs, such as stealing.

•  Driving or doing other activities that place you and others at risk of physical harm when you're under the influence of the drug.

Some of the drug treatment and rehabilitation centers are operating for drug abuse because they believe that social and philosophical factors are affecting for drug addictive behavior. They think that if they change that perception of people, they could be able to end that addictive behavior. And yet, the success an individual attains, typically doesn't last as long as the treatment. The perception of the parents of drug addictive teenagers is that their teen has a bad personal choices, weak character, and anti-social or irreligious behaviors.

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