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A gang is a grouping of adolescents with a head. Adolescence normally gives an icon and name to their gang. They select an attractive and famous name for their gang they want to famous their gang. These gangs are very hazardous, because they mixed up in all type of criminal goings-on like bank robbery, hijack, rape and vicious conflict and they also kept the dangerous arms to make violent behavior. The major reasons of participation in gangs are stoppage in schools, failure in sports or other actions.

Personal troubles and love issues of teens are also the reasons of taking part in gangs.Behavior in which these gangs mixed up are:

Theft—this grouping involves shoplifting, robbery not involving fighting to persons.
Drug Distribution—it consists of transaction of all prohibited drugs.
Violence—in this category corporeal fighting to persons, burglary, physical attack, rape, and murder comes.
Other Crimes—It involve the sin that not included in the above, such as against the law gambling, pimping, computer-generated crime, or selling or receiving stolen goods. It is the liability of parents that they stay away their children from gangs and tell their family unit about gang that what troubles they will face after becoming the member of gang.

Once the adolescent joins the gang then his living should be vary they come in pressure of gangs. The gangs are of numerous categories like street gang, school gang, motorcycle gang, drug gangs and many others. The extremely well thought-out gangs are known to be mafia. The other manner to divide the gang is of area or country wise. This gang includes American gangs, Chinese gang, Japanese gang, Russian gangs Korean gang, Asian gang's (Indian gang, Sri Lankan gang, Pakistani gang), and many others. Adolescence troubled in gangs is viewed as particularly at-risk for jail trouble.

In School gangs, it includes grouping of school children. These gangs are responsible for violent behavior in schools and they supply drugs to their schoolmates. There are a lot of reasons for school children to unite the gangs. The factors that influence the school children are safety, companionship, family alternate, financial earnings, and material abuse.

In Motorcycle gangs grouping of adults incorporate. There are many causes to them for joining the gang is fond of: they experience delight in robbery, sense gladness in violence, their plan as well as profession is to become robber and carry on violent behavior the goings-on, which is Marjory done by gangs, is rape. Rape is a sexual action among people who are previously aware. Generally rape has done by grouping so it is called gang rape.

In Drug gangs groups of mature comprise and smuggling and using the drug. There are many motives of teens for joining the drug gang: they experience joy when they make use of the drug; they put up for sale and procure the drugs for money as well as in any demands later than Gang Life.

It has been distinguish that in every gang associate life that by and large members join the gang in teens period and in educate life but they all engage in gang for profession. It is not straightforward to spend life soon after depart from the gang. Many of them do not allow by the general public but foremost trouble teens has to face is how they spend their life means what they will decide for profession.

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