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Self-esteem is how fine you feel about teens compared to other people, such as friends and workmates. Low self-esteem means that teens think that they are a lesser person than others. It can often be traced back to early childhood experiences, such as heavy condemnation, being abandoned, and feeling unloved, or being derision or abused.

Self-esteem is a basic human need, i.e., it makes an important contribution to the life progression of teens, and is indispensable to normal and vigorous self-development, and has a value for continued existence.
Self-esteem as a routine and inevitable consequence of the sum of teenager's choices in using their awareness, something practiced as a part of, or background to, all of the teen's thoughts, feelings and actions. Teen's level of self-esteem affects practically everything they think, say, and do. It affects how teens see the world and put in it. It affects how teens in the world see and treat anyone. It affects the choices teens make about what they will do with their lives and with whom they will be occupied. Under-estimating yourself (teenagers) is one of the most horrible punishments that teens can inflict upon on. Low self-esteem is the origin of many personality-based problems with a nasty offspring of disagreeable offspring - and some of them are absolute mean. Personality problems caused by low-self-esteem are:-

Signs of low self-esteem:-

Feeling that you're not superior even if you have that quality.
Decline confidence;
Putting you down all the time;
Being too fearful to try latest things;
Unconvinced of your excellent qualities;
Making no effort because you expect to mess things up;
Being timid, not asserting yourself;
Losing your bad humor;
Picking fights;
Upsetting about getting even;
Blaming others for your problems;
Continuously wrangling about petty issues
Help for low self esteem teens:-

Both individual and group psychotherapy can help progress teen's self-esteem. Such therapy might consist of assertiveness guidance, communication skills, and learning to distinguish and understand teens arousing responses in relation to others. In addition, therapy may also investigate early and later familiarity that contributed to teen's low self-esteem. Group therapy is predominantly efficient in that it helps to foster faith and make relationships, to improve a sense of normalcy as similarities are revealed, and encourages a sense of belonging-components that are essential for building self esteem of teens.

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