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In past few years, it has been noticed that the rates of smoking among teenagers are increasing. Smoking causes major health problems among teenagers and youngsters, including coughing, shortness of breath, production of phlegm, reductions of physical fitness etc. It affected lung's growth and utility and overall health. Smoking is very harmful not only for teens but for people of every age. It has seen now days that by smoking teenagers feel that they are someone extraordinary or dangerous. In result they can become addicted.
Teens are also reported that they are addicted to other substances, such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs. They use tobacco as a form of relief. The initiation of smoking is influenced by having a friend, who smokes. Risk factors indicate that teens start smoking by per pressure. In other word memberships in pro-social youth groups decrease a youth's likelihood to begin smoking.It has been quite often that teen's smokers regularly do not perform well at school. They do not feel they are important part of the society .Most of them feel they have very little hope of going to college or getting a good job after high school. Teens who smoke are more possible to have parents or friends who smoke; they tend to have weaker attachments to parents and family and stronger attachments to peers and friends. They tend to take risks and to be disobedient, are less dedicated to school or religion, and are more likely to believe that smoking can control negative moods. Teens used to have a positive image of smokers. There is big chance that it can come from advertising, celebrities, or other role models. This positive image may overcome any concerns about the health risks.

Smoking cigarettes and chewing smokeless tobacco could cause a person to develop mouth cancer. When the tissue inside of your mouth is filled with smoke or dip, it is exposed to all of the poisons that are in tobacco. Mouth cancer can affect your lips, gums, tongue, or the inside of your cheeks. So it is advisable for every teen either male or female they should not smoke and take good care of their health.

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