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Many different figures exposed the effects for teen anger on the whole thing from school to home life. The listed are some amazing figures on adolescent anger

  • As per our survey more than 1 in 5 high school scholar, both boy and girl have been caught up in a bodily wrestle. 1 in 10 of those scholars has been very badly injured.
  • In The year 2003 there are more than 25,500 different street gangs (bunch of criminals) United States alone. More than 774,500 of the teens were involved in forming gangs.
  • In the year 2003 survey also showed that adolescence and young adults caught up in gang bustle are 60 times more expected to be murdered than the rest of the American inhabitants.
  • In 2003 survey done by the U.S. claims that 30 out of 1000 women ages 15 to 25 become familiar about sexual assault. And that 68% of all rape sufferers be familiar with their enemy.
  • The U.S. survey survey also mentioned that 1 in 5 teens, both boys and girls, have practiced some sort of cruel behavior from a dating collaborator.
Though all of the data focus on differing area they all summit to one terrifying conclusion, adolescent anger and violent behavior is now, a serious problem of our society.Teen Anger and Violent Behavior Noticeable Signs

Lists of Noticeable signs

•  repeated thrashing of anger over small matter,
•  repeated bodily fighting with friends, and family
•  harm belongings while in a vigorous of anger,
•  Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol,
•  Make strategy for violent activities
•  Carrying a weapon(s),
•  Been the sufferer of school browbeat,
•  crew connection,

.Most teenager's problem experts have opinion that teen facing problem of anger his/her treatment problem should be done at home. They judge that most teen anger comes from core affecting problems such as terror or elimination or breakdown.

Suggestions for parents whose teen is facing anger problem:

  • Understand and support your teen's feelings. Judge the actual issue and solve it in between the family.
  • Make your teen aware that every person has pessimistic emotions. But it's not fare to knot yourselves in the rope of anger.
  • Watch for triggers and find a way to deflect the anger into something more appropriate.
  • Make your teen aware about the feelings that cause the anger and also give them tricks how to deal with them facing they get out of command.
  • Suggest your teen to join meditation classes which provide him/her will power to fight against anger.

Advice your teen to go temple or church daily for some time. Incourage your teens to Study holy books like “Bible”, ”Bhagwat Geeta ” and "Quran".

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