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Teen age is the age which every one has to face. In this age there are so many problems because at this stage persons enter into the mature age from the childhood age. Troubled teens means that teenagers that are in the some sort of the problem like sexual problems because in that age there is change in the persons sex Organs, there is also problem like drug addiction they habitual for the drugs. So these troubled teenagers should be helped in some way.

Troubled teens face the problem like drugs, sexual and eating disorders. So these teenagers can be helped by there parents because parents knows there children well than any other else.They should talk to there children as
much as possible and also on some of the serious issues like sex and drugs. They should talk frankly on these topics also if they don't have that much of time they can go for the some external help like boarding schools etc.

Also these troubled teens should be helped with the role models because at that age the teens are very much attach to there role models. So parents should help them to choose a positive role model which is helpful for the positive growth of the children. Because teenagers are very much influence by the society in which they grown up.So the parents can help there children those who are facing such kind of the problems by following any methods such as Troubled teens boarding schools, Troubled teens boot camps, Residential Treatment Center. and Military Schools for Teens.
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