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A residential treatment center is a psychiatric treatment program that provides 24-hour care, structure, and conduct. A team of mental health professionals works intensively with each adolescent to steady symptoms while providing a safe living environment. The staff works with parents or caretakers to explore what changes might be necessary in the home and community to support improvement in the troubled teen. A residential treatment center is usually a state licensed program that focuses on the specific needs and problems of teenagers, such as suicidal behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, mental and emotional problems, depression, and so forth.
Residential Treatment Centers normally focus more on therapeutic treatment programs than boarding schools, but there are some Residential Treatment Centers that also include schooling and manners modification. Residential Treatment Centers for struggling adolescence are related to Specialty Boarding Schools, accepting they comprise entity and group therapy.

Starting residential means the youth exist in at the center, usually 6 - 18 months. Most Residential Treatment Centers comprise a full academic program so teenagers who can persist their education although at the center.
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