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Wilderness therapy is an investigational program that takes place in a wilderness or distant outdoor setting. Programs make available counseling, therapy, education, leadership training and prehistoric living challenges that encourage community and group interdependence as well as being honesty, awareness, openness, loyalty and responsibility. The terms wilderness therapy, wilderness program and outdoor behavioral health program are commonly used to solve the problem facing by teens now a days.

The purpose of this interference is to detach adolescence from negative pressure and to place them in an outdoor atmosphere that are safe, help them to discover what they have taken for granted, and to generate circumstances that lead to self-examination and learning to converse, cooperate and have a say to the well-being of group. Therapists cheer and reinforce endeavor and the changes that occur. Wilderness therapy programs for teens explain and market their services as wilderness therapy.

The terms wilderness therapy and wilderness program can be puzzling to people investigating these intervention options. Wilderness therapy is in reality a broader field than a wilderness program for adolescence at risk. The term wilderness therapy has two meanings;

(1) Initiate people to the wilderness "as the therapist" and
(2) expert therapy that takes place "in the wilderness." Wilderness therapy programs consist of structured activities in which a wilderness setting and wilderness therapy are important apparatus that make a distinction these programs from adventure programs, residential treatment centers and boarding schools.

Wilderness therapy, in the purest form, is a positive increase experience where adolescence faces natural challenges and misfortune that are designed to be therapeutic in nature. Kids are not simply thrown into the wilderness and made to undergo hardships. They are removed from their atmosphere, optimistic, challenged and given every prospect to succeed. The activities in these programs include:

- Prehistoric living
- Out-of-doors education
- prearranged daily activities
- Group building
- Empirical therapy
- Analysis

Temporary wilderness programs that have a sky-scraping impact on behavior can help adolescence get back on track. Wilderness programs generally halt between 30 and 60 days. These outdoor wilderness programs integrate traditional restorative modalities into a wilderness voyage experience. Student's camp in the mountain, desert, or other natural areas, is taught to make their food, gather water, and make fire without matches. The natural environment state cooperation among participants, which helps to build positive look closely relationships. Wilderness therapy programs have grow to be more accepted as independent studies have shown positive consequences even a year after students depart the program.

Wilderness therapy programs have recognized that children change naturally when they are removed from atmosphere filled with negative pressure and triggering events that create self-defeating, irresponsible or self-destructive actions. When participants become mixed up in routines that are rational and necessary in nature, the usual consequence is to develop relationships, be in touch, expose their problems, help each other, face the consequences of their behavior and discover their hidden prospective. Programs create a time for reflection, discovery and building new skillfulness. Rather than become angry, teens learn to become self-confident. Instead of trouncing their feelings, they ask for help and talk to people they belief.

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